I was born in a small northern Italian town (Novara) from a Sicilian father and a dutch mother who fell in love at first sight during a casual visit to the Trevi Fountain in Rome, straight out of a scene of one of those classic Italian movies of the sixties.
Brought up in the love and attraction along with the incomprehension of two diverse cultures totally opposite in nature, I learned to coexist in this family microcosm with the similar approach in which today's post-modern world deals with globalization.

My maternal grandfather Louise Noiret was a famous musician artist/ singer and author as well as editor of a vast amount of popular dutch songs that are still to this day interpreted, played and listened to in the local scene. From him, I acquired my artistic name along with the passion for music, song written and performing. After having consolidated my first musical experiences as did other similar kids my age (music school, high school band, youth musical exhibitions) I signed my first record contract in the 80s as a solo vocalist with ATLAS DELTA from Milan.

Following this, I transferred to Amsterdam where I lived for some years and recorded as songwriter/singer and producer for the dutch record company DURECO Benelux and also TELESTAR forming the artistic duo Alex and Joe along with the Italian drummer / percussionist Joe Damiani. The meeting with this exceptional musician apart from marking the birth of a beautiful friendship and artistic collaboration served to awaken in me the attraction towards percussion especially in regards to the tuned instruments such as the marimba and the vibraphone.
By experimenting with these sounds and inserting them in our pop dance songs during this period, I slowly discovered the fascinating sonority that these instruments could create and this brought me to produce along with Joe a concept album (WORLD OF PERCUSSION), under the artistic name of CENTRAL STATION. This album was composed and executed with only voice and percussion. With the passing of the years the duo broke up and each member went on to pursue solo careers. I have continued my experimentation by applying these instruments within a pop context.

As a kid, I was not attracted so much by classical music only with the exception of a very brief period. In fact, the first musical styles that I was passionate about revolved around swing, rock & roll and UK Rock.
Following that my musical taste shifted from Rock versus all type of black music (soul, R'n'B, funk) but the use of classical percussion made me take a re-evaluate classical, contemporary and jazz music. So I reapplied towards studying music at the conservatory and this provided the stimulus to contribute with other musicians who derived from these styles and not only, producing a new concept album which got its name from the title of the first track called LOOSING BUTTERFLY under the name Noiret & the Flowers.

Today I live in a beautiful country house which we have restored in the Novarese countryside. Here I have learned to love the flowers and plants by way of cultivating and understanding their variety. I have created my own life dimension in which I have learned to adjust and adapt my work, efforts, and responsibilities towards my own persona with its rhythms and timing and not the other way around. In this moment I am currently rewriting and reinterpreting songs that I have produced in the past experimental versions opening them towards current collaborations with musicians and producers of diverse musical genre mixing the tuned percussion sonority with other instruments and not limiting them to any specific musical style.

I wish to continue making music and hope that life and the sharing with those that love me and want to be close to it will inspire and teach me new paths.